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Dettol Warriors Story

Many many years ago, Germoon, the germ lord was imprisoned in a dark cave because of the evils that he had committed. He now waits restlessly in prison for the germ level of the Germometer to go up, so he can get his freedom, and spread illness all across Pakistan.

However, due to bad handwashing habits, kids all over Pakistan start falling ill, causing the Germometer to rise. Unknown to them, this frees Germoon from his dark prison. He and his army of Maila Kuchailas now attack the children of Pakistan, and the Pakistan Cricket Team, ruining their chances at the World Cup.

Meanwhile, three friends, Ali, Sarah and Rizz, who are conscious about their health and hygiene habits and alarmed at this situation, go to their trusted scientist friend Doctor D for help. They discover that the only thing that can defeat Germoon and his army is 'Shik Shik' power. All they need are the Dettol gems to get this Shik Shik power and become the Dettol Warriors!

And that’s not all, they learn that every child can become a Dettol Warrior through these Dettol Gems and by getting Dettol´s 24 hour 'Shik Shik' protection. By spreading this message, they can form an entire army of Dettol warriors who can defeat Germoon and his Maila Kuchailas. Now their aim is to spread Dettol’s Mission for Health among all the kids, and save their country. Because only a healthy Pakistan can be a successful Pakistan!

Would you become a Dettol Warrior to save Pakistan?