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Being the Trusted Champion of Health, Dettol launched its School Program in 2012 in collaboration with the ICSP (Infection Control Society of Pakistan), to promote the message of hygiene through good handwashing practices. Shahid Afridi, a cricketing hero of Pakistan and a champion in the eyes of millions, particularly children, was chosen as the ambassador for this Mission for health. The School Program has since then engaged over 5 Million kids since its inception, spanning across more than 12,000 government and private sector schools and over 13 cities all over Pakistan. The Dettol School program comprises of the Dettol team visiting schools and imparting awareness about Hygiene, and Handwashing in particular. The program's effectiveness is based on the engaging manner of teaching. Children are encouraged to participate actively, as an interactive environment is conducive for learning. The program teaches the proper methods of washing hands and the important times to do so. The program is aligned with Dettol's vision of protecting family wellbeing, with children in particular, against problems that germs may cause; wherever and whenever they occur. Dettol's Mission for health is a reaffirmation of its belief in healthier lives and commitment to the children of Pakistan.